While opting for the Tetra HRMS on SAAS, customer need not worry about the costly installation and maintenance of Hardware, Software and related infrastructure. Client can start working from day one with minimum upfront investment which can keep on increasing as the company grows. It is most robust, secure, scalable and works across-platform.

Tetra HRMS is completely web based software. It seamlessly integrates all the major HR activities in the organization. The modules available in Tetra HRMS are Core HR, Payroll, Performance Management System, Leave Management System, Travel Management System, Employee Self Service and Employee Portal.

Key Features

  • Core HR takes care of all master and employee details.
  • Fully integrated payroll processing system with compliance. Integration with attendance systems.
  • Complete performance management system which includes KRA, Appraisals and Competency mapping which is supported by approval workflows.
  • Leave management, which is supported by e-mail and SMS gateway.
  • Travel management which takes care of sanctions and tour claims thereafter with workflow.
  • Employee self service which helps employees to enter their requests and view status of those requests.
  • Employee portal is a link between employees and the organization.


  • Multi companies can be handled.
  • Complete hierarchy of a company like Head Office Regional Offices Multiple Offices (office can be Sales Office or Go-down or service Centre).
  • Two level authentications are build to secure the application one is HTTP security second is application level security.
  • Role based access to the options from the main menu of the application.
  • All the reports are convertible into different types like pdf, xls, rtf, ppt, txt etc.


  • Complete Web based software.
  • Operating Model for multiple offices can be owned or outsourced.
  • Options can be kept at HO level for centralized control and decision making.
  • Single view of all branches with their transactions at HO level to compare all the branches. Branch will be able to view his own transactions and not the transactions of other branch.
  • Specific type of transactions can be routed through HO, with the use of this option, specified transactions of specified branch will happen after approval of HO.
  • Whole application is accessible through web browser, so no client is required to be installed on PC to access the application.

Tetra Advantages

  • Tetra HRMS offer high operational efficiency by facilitating greater integration and focusing attention on specific demands of businesses.
  • Tetra HRMS help in improving business responsiveness with the help of fast and effective applications and agile IT architecture.
  • Our industry tailored application helps in speeding up delivery times, greatly reducing project risks and setting & running up the process fast.

HRMS Customization Services

Tetra helps in customizing an HRMS package that can be very reliable and cost effective. HRMS packages are designed to support customization, so most businesses implement the best practices embedded in the acquired HRMS system. Some HRMS packages are very generic in their reports and inquiries, such that customization is expected in every implementation. It is important to recognize that for these packages it often makes sense to buy third party plug-ins that interface well with your HRMS software rather than reinventing the wheel.

Customization work is usually undertaken as bespoke software development on a time and materials basis. Because of the specialist nature of the customization and the 'one off' aspect of the work, it is common to pay in the order of per hour for this work.

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