Spend less time tracking and more time growing. Tetra provides employee monitoring system using Kickidler.

 What effect does Employee monitoring system produce in an organization?

  • It helps in increasing the efficiency of employees.

  • It minimizes the danger of “insider threats”.

  • It allows controlling remote workers.

  • It keeps a count of the working hours.

  • It helps in optimizing the interaction between departments.

  • It helps in detecting illegal actions of employees.

  • It helps in storing all data.

Advantages of Employee monitoring system

  1. Online monitoring of a vast number of working computers. Similar programs either do not have this function or have restrictions on the number of screens that may be monitored.

  2. Recording of video and playback of employees' activity on the work PC. Videos are stored within the special indexed database that creates finding the required fragment easier and fewer time-consuming, just by using the filter.

  3. Regular automatic updates of the program. Our product is consistently being developed, and it acquires new features. All updates are free for users.

  4. Cross-platform. Our program works with most popular Windows, Mac and Linux distribution kits.

  5. The hidden operating mode of the agent. If you would like to, you'll be able to hide the agent from the list of processes.

  6. Data security. All data collected by the program are stored on the client's servers, so there's no possibility of illegal access to them.

  7. Data caching. Excludes the likelihood of losing data during temporary lack of contact of the agent with the server.


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