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IT is a dynamic field with new innovations coming to the arena every other day. With the advent of these fresh stocks of software and hardware, the IT environment needs to be updated on a regular basis. But, the problem faced here is that IT migration projects are usually expensive, involve a lot of risk and require dedicated resources. Tetra offers you an efficient and convenient option.

Linux is being adopted at a strategic pace by enterprises, in the quest for natural benefits of Open Source technology. Despite convincing benefits of Open Source technologies, organizations are unsure of the initial steps.

Tetra Migration Services package enables organizations to employ an accumulated set of best practice and process. This service covers the evaluation of technology options as well as implementation and testing of Open Source Stack. Whether you are a seasoned Open Source User or considering we can assist you get more out of your Open Source Roadmap. We can assist client ripe benefits from increased use of OSS within organization’s IT portfolio, which includes reduced total cost of ownership, higher stability, increased security and greater overall control.


  • Windows NT to Linux Server
  • Send mail to Qmail
  • MS Desktop to Linux Desktop
  • Solaris to Linux Migration
  • Windows AD to Samba
  • MS Exchange to Zimbra
  • Lotus Notes to ZImbra
  • Salesforce to Vtiger

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