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Collaborative features of proprietary mailing solutions like Exchange, Lotus are very costly and cannot be afforded by every company. But today Open Source has allowed companies to use collaborative solution in a very cost effective way tools like Zimbra.

  • No licensing issue : As the numbers of users grow, taking license for every user becomes an issue. Open Source takes care of the growing needs of an organization, without having to worry about licensing issues. It is always a onetime investment and life long solution where there is no limitation for number of users.
  • Customizable solution : The solution offered is flexible and customizable according to the organization’s changing email requirements.
  • Robust in nature : Since E-mail has become the back-bone of any organization, a need to have a fast, scalable and fault tolerant system for the Email application is very high. To have such feature, operating system used for the E-mail application server plays a vital role. Open source mailing solution like Zimbra and Q-mail are based on UNIX and LINUX operation system so any kind of high traffic and high volume implementation is easily supported by these solutions.
  • Wide Range of e-mail Clients : Typically with any proprietary solution, the user is left out with a very little option with e-mail clients even if he wants to use all the features of it. Today in the world of open source technology so many E-mail clients are available that organization and users have wide range of choice which are web based and can be accessed with any web browser irrespective of the operating system. But in case of any proprietary product like Ms-Exchanges you are bound to use exchange client or outlook which are platform dependent
  • Not Resource Hungry : Mailing solution on qmail is not a resource hungry application, so it leaves the server to use its resources for other application which is not in case of other proprietary products.
  • Various Essential Tools : There are many integrated products like content filtering, log analysis tools, MRTG traffic graphs etc which can be used to make system administrators job easy.

Zimbra based mailing solution comes in various flavours. Zimbra Open source is without any Licensees. There are other flavors also available with Subscription cost attached to it. The feature difference between various versions is as follows.

S.No. Zimbra Professional Zimbra Standard Zimbra Business Email Zimbra Open Source
1. Blackberry & Outlook Integration. Blackberry Integration. No Outlook Integration No Blackberry and Outlook Integration No Blackberry and Outlook Integration
2. Collaborative features with zimbra desktop and web clients. Collaborative features with zimbra desktop and web clients. Only Send, Receive mail with POP client. Calendar, Task, Contacts available with POP clients and between open source user only
3. Zimlets Included Zimlets Included Zimlets NoIncluded Zimlets Not Included
4. Zimbra Support Zimbra Support Zimbra Support No Zimbra Support

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