The Docman document management system provides an effective and practical solution to the need to index and store large amounts of data that can be accessed quickly and simply. Avoid archiving a bulky paper hard copy by using a scanner to turn the information into small-sized electronic files, or transform all the existing electronic files, which can then be categorized and indexed into a database within Docman.


Benefits of Docman

·       Reduced physical storage: Switching to a document management system means you can scan and upload the paper that’s taking up office space, allowing you to shred these documents and reclaim your space

·       Lower costs: A document management system is not only more capable of handling the cost of paper and other tasks, but the amount of money that can be saved by making the switch is impressive

·       Robust indexing of documentation: A document management system will provide you and your staff with robust indexing capabilities, allowing you to know exactly where everything is at all times

·       Quick deployment: Deployment of a document management system like Docman is far easier than you may realize, so there’s no need for concern over losing valuable time during the transition

·       Higher levels of productivity: When you and your staff use a document management system to manage and organize files, productivity levels within your company will no doubt soar


Key Features of Docman document management system

·       Can easily manage high volumes of documents

·       Frontend Management

·       Private Documents

·       Built-in Video and Audio player

·       Drag and Drop File Uploads

·       Search View Improvements

·       Document Linking

·       Web browser accessibility


Why should you choose us?

·       A brilliant track record with a large number of successful e-commerce projects delivered to a diverse clientele till date.

·       Transparent pricing and flexible commercial model.

·       We provide best-in-class support services to ensure that your online stores are always up and running.

·       Over the years, we have earned a reputation for catering to high quality and cost-effectiveness in our solutions.

·       Committing to adhere to the best practices and always delivering projects within timelines.