Manage your entire enterprise infrastructure with services of oVirt virtualizations. Tetra provides Open source virtualization services using oVirt.

Benefits of an open-source virtualization software

  • Open Source Virtualization Guarantees Lower Costs: Open source virtualization can result in lower overall IT costs. Server virtualization decreases IT costs by allowing more independent servers and virtual machines to run on one piece of hardware, whether cloud-based or on-premises.

  • Diverse Open Source Virtualization Platforms Simplifies Your Integrations: One of the most powerful benefits of open source virtualization platforms like oVirt is that they'll integrate most of other open-source software platforms and technologies. As a result of this, it’s typically harder to integrate all of your IT systems into one infrastructure.

  • Open Source Virtualization Offers Increased Flexibility & Ability to Experiment: With an open-source platform, the development team have full access to the whole platform and documentation about how it works. This makes it easier to: (i) Experiment with new integrations, (ii) Change and modify how the platform works, (iii) Add your custom functionality.

  • Vendor Lock-In Is Over with Open Source Virtualization: Your data is your most precious resource. And, to make sure that you simply maintain control of your data, it’s important to avoid vendor lock-in. Open source technology allows for simple portability and integration of information, together with compatibility with several third-party software. you've got fewer chances of being locked in with one vendor with open source.

  • Thousands of Open Source Developers Are Helping to enhance the Software & Features: Open source virtualization software like oVirt is provided in an ‘open access’ model, which lets anyone participate in developing and improving the software. These platforms are constantly updated and new versions are free. Changes and enhancements can be submitted at any time.

  • Open Source Virtualization Eases Scalability: Licensing fees for cloud computing virtualization are often quite high. For each user you add, you need to purchase additional licenses for software, pay more for hardware, and purchase additional server infrastructure. This is not the case with an open-source platform. Though you’ll get to buy more IT infrastructure once you expand your computing capabilities, you won’t face high licensing fees and other costs that are common in proprietary software systems.

Features of oVirt

The features include a large-scale virtualization management system, including:

  • Datacenter management

  • Storage management

  • Networking management

  • VMs management (lifetime management, snapshots, migration, templating)

  • Administrator and User portal

  • User management

  • Snapshots

  • Data warehouse and Reports infrastructure

  • CLI

  • SDK

  • Guest agent