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Welcome To Tetra

Tetra is a leading Linux andOpen Source Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing & Solutions Provider Company. Headquartered in New Delhi and branch offices in every continent; we are in Operation since 1996, with a successful project implementation history for more than 150 corporate.
We are a One Stop Source for all Open Source Needs for any Organization. We provide cost-effective business ready solutions on services and subscription model using Linux and Open Source.
Tetra branch offices are located in Mumbai, Kolkata (India), Athens (Greece), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Sydney (Australia), Johannesburg (South Africa), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), London (UK) and Michigan & Indianapolis (USA).
Tetra is going to open its office very soon in Singapore to serve its client base there.
Tetra has partnered with Widesoft in Delmont (Switzerland), Avathar Solutions in Santiago (Dominican Republic), Ephestus in Catania (Italy) and Evalesco in Copenhagen (Denmark)
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Proliferation of Linux distros is bound to give rise to a competitive environment and, hence, drive innovation too. In the ecology where open source software thrives, the ideology that drives competition is different. It is the zest to produce something better for the community that leads to innovations. Click Here to know more about Linux Distros……
Now days, company futures depend on quick responses to ever changing market environments. Business Intelligence (BI) acquires great importance in meeting this ever changing demand. These days business environments demand a good information system. With change in Time and the manner in which this information is collected, assimilated, simulated and transmitted. BI Tools are software tools and help in transforming data into relevant information. Click Here to learn more about BI and explore different BI Tools in the Open Source World.
Oracle’s decision to enter the Open Source arena sent shock waves across companies in this domain. Though nobody’s clear about Oracle’s intention as to what all they want to work on, to know more……Click Here
Tetra’s eGroupWare for enterprise communication is a computer based collaborative software and helps users work co-operatively by sharing information. It also helps enterprises with three major categories of functioning communication, coordination & collaboration. Know more about eGroupWare……Click Here
Should we have an Indian Distro or Not is the question of the hour…….and we had with us a couple of senior people from the industry of open source to comment on the same. Click Here… to view comments from all of them and final conclusion on whether to have one or not?
Workshop conducted by Tetra Information Technologies was one of the main highlights of Linux Asia 2006. Major Discussion topics were Security, Content Management, Groupware & clustering. To know more about Linux Asia 2006, Click Here……
Tetra is a leading Open Source and Linux Migration company Headquartered in New Delhi with their offices in Mumbai, Chandigrah & Jammu. We have been contributing towards Open Source since 1996, head by three directors – Mukul Mahajan, Deepa Mahajan & Biswajeet Banerjee. To know more about Mukul’s view on migration service in the industry, Click Here……
“Migration To Linux Made Easy” was a workshop conducted by one of the Director’s from Tetra Information Services. It was a hit with the audience and the crowd overran to the capacity of the assigned conference hall. For more Click Here……
How Tetra Information Services has been in this industry since 1996 and their belief in Open Source which can help vendors as well as customers accept Open Source technology as a long term preposition direct from Deepa Mahajan Director Tetra Information Services. To know more, Click Here……
Though Linux is only a decade old however has been going strong and growing at a robust pace. Some roadblocks and means to overcome have been highlighted in the article. Click Here to understand more
A case study by Biswajeet Banerjee Director Tetra Information Services describing business benefits of using Open Source Technology. Click Here for more……
Using Linux as a desktop operating system is not a dream any more from Mukul Director Tetra Information Services a leading Open Source Technology company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Click Here for more……
When Bharti Teletech Ltd. decided to streamline it’s business processes, it opted for Linux and in turn saved a lot of cost For more details Click Here……
Fear of scarce support griped the open source industry. Tetra has removed that fear by not only providing adequate support to it’s customers but also by coming out with innovative and customized versions for betterment of enterprises. Click Here for more details on this subject by Mukul Mahajan, Director, Tetra Information Services
Even Sahara India Pariwar has decided to streamline it’s communication process, by deciding on Linux based mailing system, Qmail. This has proved to be a boon for the organization. Click Here……
The open source movement is spreading, but not fast enough. What are the major barriers to rapid growth? Let’s take a look.
August 2003 - MS Exchange Server to Qmail Server
The back-end Qmail server without inconveniencing present mail users?
May 2003 - Squid: Master this Proxy Server
Squid is an excellent and mature open source Web caching proxy package, but it requires plenty of tuning to achieve the kind of performance seen in commercial proxies. Here are some useful ideas for tuning a Web caching system, and effectively using the server in a corporate environment
May 2003 - A Suitable Corporate Policy for Net Access
Managing Internet use in a corporate set-up is like tightrope walking. You must balance between restricting Net access and choosing suitable speeds.
April 2003 - Put Your In-house Server on the Net
You can develop intranet applications for a corporate organization using a low-cost backbone. But you must first learn how to manage content, set up e-mail and instant messaging, and secure all these.
March 2003 - Building Intranets -
Intranet and Internet servers have become necessities for the enterprise segment across Asia. But the fact that Linux drives majority of these servers is not known to many.
March 2003 - Enterprise Messaging -
Enterprises that have chosen to use Linux for e-mails find it feature-rich, stable, and easy to upgrade, with low capital and operating costs. Banks, ISPs and NGOs too could deploy Linux for messaging.
March 2003 - Q-Mail Server in the Enterprise
Use the step-by-step instructions given here to implement a Q-Mail server in your organization. It will take only a few hours to do so.
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