The great boom that the use of Information Technology as we are currently witnessing is a boon for companies as a means to obtain better results. But at the same time, it has also led to a high level of complexity for them in terms of technologies, the lack of highly specialized figures, limited budgets and the need for flexibility. These are some of the challenges today in the increasingly tough IT services landscape. The availability of proper communication network and management systems is a critical element for the business in most of the companies as managing a network inefficiently can result in significant costs for the business. 

At Tetra India, we offer you a flexible and scalable range network management and monitoring that will help you optimize your current infrastructure. As a network management service provider, our services include monitoring, performance management using Nagios network monitoring system, etc,.

Nagios is one of the most powerful open source IT infrastructure monitoring solutions in the market, capable of providing efficient monitoring solutions to even the most demanding IT managers. It is a widely-used open-source network monitoring system that monitors the specified equipment (hardware) and services (software and operating system), alerting when their behavior is not as desired.

Nagios Monitoring System

Nagios network monitoring is an extremely powerful and flexible tool that allows you to customize monitoring for environments of any complexity and scale. It is designed to offer maximum scalability and flexibility, which makes it suitable for businesses of almost all sizes. It makes monitoring tasks simple while retaining the powerful attributes of its enterprise-class core components. Its customized interface and useful addons allow Nagios cloud monitoring to be customized to the specific requirements of the company. 

It is a software that provides great versatility to consult practically any parameter of interest of a system and generates alerts, which can be received by the corresponding managers through (among other means) email and SMS messages, when these parameters exceed the margins defined by the network administrator.

Nagios Features 

·        Network service monitoring (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, ICMP, SNMP)

·        Monitor host health (CPU load, disk usage, system logs) on most network operating systems

·        Supports remote monitoring via encrypted SSH or SSL tunnels

·        The simple architecture of extension modules (plugins) allows, using any programming language of your choice (Shell, C ++, Perl, Python, PHP, C #, and others), you can easily develop your own ways of checking services

·        Parallel service check

·        The ability to define hierarchies of hosts on the network using "parent" hosts, allows you to detect and distinguish between hosts that are out of order and those that are not available

·        Sending notifications in case of problems with the service or host (using mail, pager, SMS, or in any other way defined by the user through the system module)

·        Ability to define event handlers for services or hosts to proactively resolve problems

·        Automatic rotation of log files

·        The ability to organize joint work of several monitoring systems in order to increase reliability and create a distributed monitoring system

Why Choose Nagios Network Monitoring?

There are several commercial solutions available in the market for system control and network monitoring management. For example, network management services of Openview by HP, or IBM Tivoli are quite efficient and have a very well done self-detection system. However, both of these network management systems are quite expensive and also suffer from several downsides. While Openview lacks a web interface and has an obligation to view the status of the systems only from the PC on which it is installed, IBM Tivoli only runs on Unix AIX systems. 

It is easy to understand that although good, these (like other) programs affect the company budget in a consistent way. This is why once again the most interesting alternative is offered by the Open Source world, precisely by Nagios.

Nagios cloud  monitoring program offers you the following benefits:

·        keep network services under control, 

·        monitor server resources such as workloads and disk capacity, 

·        receive real-time notifications of malfunctions via email or even SMS, 

·        has a complete, intuitive web interface and understandable, 

·        runs on all Unix-like systems (Linux in the lead), 

·        free and released under the General public Licence. 

Nagios Services Offered

Tetra India offers Nagios  services to various industries and institutions including Government, Banking, Insurance, IT Sector, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing

The services offered are

·        Nagios Subscriptions: As Nagios partners, Tetra offers Nagios subscriptions  to clients

·        Nagios installation: We provide installation services  with the configuration of Nagios, Network devices, Servers, Database, etc

·        Nagios support: We provide up to 24*7 support services on Nagios

·        Nagios integration: We provide integration of Nagios with helpdesk tools like OTRS, Service now, etc.

Nagios Products

We provide a full range of Nagios products which includes

·        Nagios XI

·        Nagios log analyzer

·        Nagios fusion

·        Nagios Network Analyzer

·        Nagios core

Nagios Monitoring: The Tetra India Advantage 

At Tetra, we design safe, effective, and compatible solutions around the actual needs of the customer. Our technical staff is at your complete disposal to analyze your structure, identify the critical issues, and propose the most suitable solution at the lowest price.

With Tetra, you have the advantage of:

·        Rapid adaptation of communication and network management to the requirements of your business

·        Reduction of implementation cycles

·        Efficiency in the management 

·        Increased control of your infrastructure

·        Guarantee of network security

·        Collaboration to achieve your business goals

·        Quick and easy implementation

FAQs On Nagios Monitoring System & Services

Which is the best Open-source monitoring system for IT Infrastructure?

Currently, there are several network management and monitoring solutions from open source which are capable of monitoring your IT infrastructure and notify you for any failure. Nagios cloud monitoring is, however, the most popular choice on a budget, capable of monitoring a variety of servers and operating systems – both physical and virtual.

What all can be monitored with Nagios performance monitoring?   

Nagios server monitoring currently provides: 

·        Monitoring of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, ICMP, SNMP, FTP, SSH)

·        Monitoring of host resources (processor load, disk usage, system logs) on a majority of network operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, using monitoring agents.

Where can I find a trusted network management service provider?

If you are looking for a trusted provider for network management, you will find the services of Tetra India to be quite effective and economical. We provide network management services using Open Source monitoring tool Nagios. Our solutions are fully customizable, which you can modify according to the particular requirements of your organization.

Visit the official website of Nagios here