OpenStack is one of the fastest-growing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud solutions. OpenStack is used by the leading IT companies in the world who migrate applications to an OpenStack-based environment and deliver IT services to their users and customers in a more agile and efficient way. OpenStack makes it possible to use the new cloud-driven approach for managing your infrastructure.

Why Choose Tetra for Openstack Services?

  • Tetra is one of the leading providers of OpenStack services and has successfully delivered clouds customization, integration, and support from the smallest enterprise deployment to the largest public clouds.
  • We specialize in private and hybrid clouds, managed services, as well as custom development and integration to a wide range of consumers.
  • Our experts have years of enterprise architecture experience within the context of large environments and can be engaged by clients remotely or onsite depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Our team is skilled in developing everything from custom cloud management portals and plug-ins to routine configuration management tooling that integrates OpenStack with your existing infrastructure using enterprise-tested platforms such as Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible.

At Tetra India, we offer you various services for companies that plan to deploy an Openstack-based cloud.

Openstack Services we offer:

  •     Performance optimizations & assessments
  •     Fully managed or assisted cloud deployments
  •     Cloud infrastructure augmentation
  •     Workload migration (source-to-cloud)
  •     24/7 node monitoring
  •     System & hardware optimization
  •     Software installation and configuration
  •     Proactive security patching
  •     Kernel upgrades
  •     Patch/upgrade control
  •     Performance and security analysis

What is Openstack?

OpenStack technology is an open-source cloud platform that controls large pools of computing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. All of this is managed and provisioned through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with common authentication mechanisms.

OpenStack is a collection of open-source software for building cloud computing platforms that includes support for both public and private cloud environments. It is designed and maintained by a global community of organizations and developers with the shared purpose of building cloud infrastructure to meet modern business needs. This enables organizations to take full advantage of cloud infrastructure’s scalability and flexibility to increase business agility and improve time to market.

Key features of Openstack:

  • Nova: A component that enables you to provision resources through VMs or bare metal servers. It also provides limited support for containers.
  • Neutron: enables you to implement a networking API. This API provides connectivity between devices and components.
  • Cinder: A block storage service that you can mount on your resources. The service is recoverable, fault-tolerant, and highly available.
  • Horizon: A dashboard available through a web-based interface. You can use this dashboard to manage and provision OpenStack components.
  • Keystone: A security component that enables you to authenticate and authorize users through API. It includes support for multi-tenant resources and service discovery.

Benefits of Openstack:

  • Compatibility: OpenStack’s APIs are designed to be compatible with public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services. For plenty of businesses, this provides the option of porting IaaS client applications from AWS to OpenStack-based IaaS providers with minimal effort.
  • Scalability: Scalability is best defined as the property of a system to continue to work as it increases in size and workload demands. In the case of OpenStack public clouds, it offers a significant degree of scalability for enterprises OpenStack itself is a highly scalable system. It can enable enterprises to spin up and spin down servers on-demand.
  • Security: Securing an OpenStack cloud is not unlike securing any other IT infrastructure. It requires a high set of tools and skills and a good understanding of security. In OpenStack, a high level of security can be achieved through role-based access controls. Access and resource utilization can be controlled at the level of users, roles, and projects.
  • Easy to manage panel: OpenStack has a control panel that provides visibility, control, and easy access to power management tools. Thus making it very easy for the users to monitor and manage their cloud services and allowing users and administrators to have a clear overview of the management of resource usage, and currently active VM instances.

Hence, if you’re convinced with the power of OpenStack and want to look into it further then Tetra India offers OpenStack in their services. At Tetra India, a team of OpenStack and cloud computing experts is available to help you in understanding the benefits of cloud computing better and how suitable it can be for your business. Our solutions are fully customizable, which you can modify according to the particular requirements of your organization.

Visit the official website of Openstack here