Benefits of Open-Source Cloud Backup

1.    Cloud Backup is extremely affordable.

2.    Helps in keeping an off-site backup of your data.

3.    It is very easy to use and can create or restore the backup with just a few clicks.

4.    The backup is an automatic process and does not require any manpower.

5.    The data can be accessed from anywhere or at any point in time.


Cloud Backup services

1.    Fast, reliable backups

2.    Numerous backup storage options

3.    Multiple backup types

4.    Customizable backup scheduling

5.    Flexible retention policies


There are numerous ways people loose data. Our safe cloud backup protects you from all the major causes of data loss like:

·       Accidental file deletion and overwriting

·       Computer crashes and computer theft

·       Ransomware and other forms of malware

·       Natural disasters and everyday accidents like coffee spills

·       Storage device corruption