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Managing an in-house email and messaging solution can be a real pain. Mailbox security, managing access rights, email encryption, email server optimization etc. the pain areas are multiple and they just keep multiplying.

 In such situations, what you need is a real IT Partner to manage and deal with your enterprise mailing solution. Collaborative messaging has become an essential tool for any company, whatever its size or sector of activity. Collaborative messaging response to concrete needs for pooling resources and sharing information. Collaborative features of proprietary mailing solutions like Exchange, Lotus are very costly and cannot be afforded by every company. But today, Open Source has allowed companies to use collaborative solutions in a very cost-effective manner, in various scalable options with tools like Zimbra.

What is Zimbra Mail Server?

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an open-source open source solution that benefits from constant developments. Tetra India offers Zimbra email hosting services that are sized and dedicated to your business and supports you in the outsourcing of your messaging tools by relieving you of the constraints techniques with the guarantee of increased productivity.

Zimbra is the world’s leading shared enterprise email hosting solution, which is a great alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps based solutions. Zimbra cloud mail offers a similar, sometimes, even higher performance compared to the two, which you can now avail at a much lower price, thanks to Tetra India. 

This enterprise email solution allows you to have better internal communication, to manage your documents more easily, to pool your resources, to manage your tasks, and to synchronize all the data on all your devices, thereby, improving the internal organization of your company and the productivity of your teams.

What Zimbra Mail Hosting Brings To You 

Zimbra combines advanced-class email, calendar, and collaboration solution built for the cloud, for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals. With a modern web interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience, connecting users to information and activities in their personal cloud.

Messaging And Collaboration

  • Connect users to their personal cloud with a smart mailbox that integrates emails, tasks, address book, calendar, files.

  • Stay in touch anywhere on any mobile or other device with IMAP / POP and SMTP, CalDAV and CardDAV

  • Work online or offline with Zimbra Desktop or clients like Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook using IMAP / POP and SMTP, CalDAV and CarDAV

Integrated And Advanced Web Interface

  • Increase productivity with an innovative interface based on recently improved, more robust, and modern browsers. 

  • New dedicated search card with common and easy to customize filters

  • Document management, instant sharing of documents, files and folders

  • The Calendar Wizard helps you find the best day and time for group meetings and activities

  • Transform Zimbra into a personalized collaboration hub by integrating external applications and web services such as Facebook, Twitter

 Available From Any Fixed Or Mobile Device

  • Synchronization with smartphones and tablets with iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Android, using IMAP / POP, CalDAV and CarDAV

  • Advanced use on modern browsers for email, contacts, calendar and files on any XHTML compatible device

  • Get the same Zimbra experience with Zimbra Desktop, the free email client for Windows, Mac or Linux using IMAP / POP, CalDAV and CarDAV

  • Aggregate Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail, Live and other POP / IMAP account

Simplified Administration Panel

  • The simplified, task-oriented AJAX web administration console enables administration from any location

  • Integrated antivirus and antispam system

  • Management of user features, allocated space, storage policies through the class of service (CoS)

  • Quick and easy migration tools allow you to migrate to Zimbra from other platforms

What We Do For You As Zimbra Partners

Cloud   Hosting

Cloud hosting packages for better performance.

Technical Support

Technical assistance and support at all times via email, tickets, or phone. Tetra provides upto 24*7 support on Zimbra deployments

In-house deployments

Tetra is one of the oldest Zimbra partners and has been supporting the largest Zimbra implementations in India

Zimbra Subscriptions

Tetra is one of the Zimbra VAR partners, and provides Licenses and Subscription for Zimbra network edition

Zimbra Professional Services

Tetra provides Zimbra professional services such as Zimbra upgrades, Zimbra patches, Lifecycle management, etc

Why Choose Tetra India To Host Your Zimbra Cloud Mail

Opting for an outsourced service means reducing management costs and re-appropriating resources (in terms of personnel, time and space) to pursue the objectives of the organization. At Tetra, we have years of experience in the Information Technology market, offering the best enterprise email solutions and services with a team of highly qualified professionals. We design and manage complex connectivity, networking, data center architectures, network security, cloud systems and system integration infrastructures.

With our collaboration, companies can focus on their core business, saving time and internal resources thanks to a guaranteed and secure IT infrastructure managed by a reliable partner. Here we offer a mix of products and services without any investment in hardware and software, which applies to any technology we offer.

So change your existing enterprise email system with a 100% secured and scale-up on-demand solution like Zimbra. Let your staff take care of only the most important activities by entrusting your enterprise email management to those who have the tools and specialized personnel.

FAQs On Zimbra Email Hosting & Enterprise mailing Solution 

Which is the best enterprise email solution?

Zimbra is today one of the most reliable enterprise email management solutions and an Open Source alternative, appropriate for companies of all sizes. Its flexibility allows it to adapt just as well to a very small business as it does to large organizations at very competitive prices. On a technical aspect, Zimbra is conceptually more recent than Exchange and offers greater processing capacities (volumes of data processed, size of mailboxes, etc.).

Where can I find the best Zimbra email hosting providers?

If you are looking for one of the best in-house Zimbra email hosting services, consider Tetra India for all your mail management. We have highly scalable Zimbra mail hosting plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. These are exclusively designed to cater to your ongoing business communications and efficiently manage messaging functionality and facilitate real-time collaboration for your day-to-day business activities.

What are the benefits of Zimbra cloud mail?

With Zimbra cloud mail you can get control over your email environment by hosting on our custom-built Zimbra emailing suite. Our comprehensive Zimbra mail hosting offers continuous data backup, accessibility, 99.95% uptime, along with round-the-clock technical support.

Why do I need open source for enterprise email hosting?

Open source email hosting like Zimbra is a robust, easy-to-deploy, collaborative professional email server. It is available in multi-user mode to quickly integrate into any environment. This on-premise solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. At Tetra, we have been an ardent advocate of open source as an easy and cost-effective way to get a more efficient and reliable service.