A simple and efficient service to enhance your enterprise email experience with industry-level security and privacy.

Why Choose Tetra India To Host Your Zimbra Mail

  • High-quality manpower which is amongst the best available in the Industry
  • Years of experience on Open source which is unparalleled in the industry
  • Ability to provide a high quality of customer satisfaction
  • Specialized division providing high-end technical support to companies, always delivering high values
  • On-demand people with specialized skills available

Our Services as Zimbra Partners

  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting packages for better performance.
  • Technical Support: Technical assistance and support at all times via email, tickets, or phone. Tetra provides up to 24*7 support on Zimbra deployments
  • In-house deployments: Tetra is one of the oldest Zimbra partners and has been supporting the largest Zimbra implementations in India
  • Zimbra Subscriptions: Tetra is one of the Zimbra VAR partners, and provides Licenses and Subscription for the Zimbra network edition
  • Zimbra Professional Services: Tetra provides Zimbra professional services such as Zimbra upgrades, Zimbra patches, Lifecycle management, etc

What is Zimbra?

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an open-source solution that benefits from constant developments. Tetra India offers Zimbra email hosting services that are sized and dedicated to your business and supports you in the outsourcing of your messaging tools by relieving you of the constraints techniques with the guarantee of increased productivity.

Zimbra Versions

Key Features

Open-Source version

Professional version

POP & IMAP Email

Mobile Web Client

Web Administration Console

Integrated Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Postscreen MTA Security

LDAP & MS Active Directory Support


Multi-Domain Support

Migration Tools

Delegated Administration


Real-time Backup & Restore


One-Click Disaster Recovery


Volume Management Tools


S/MIME Digital Signatures & Encryption


Two-Factor Authentication


Zimbra Mobile (ActiveSync)


Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ)


Outlook Sync (MAPI)


Communities & Forums

Zimbra Hosting Options


On-premise Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Control over server hardware

Enhanced security

Real-Time Backup and Restore

Low cost

Simplified Delegated Admin

Hassle-Free Document Storage

Hierarchical Storage Management


Compatible with multiple devices and browsers

Integrated and Unified Streamlined Communications

Importing data is easy

Visit the official website of Zimbra here