OpenIAM is a comprehensive Identity and Access Management infrastructure that gives a robust security foundation to provision users and authenticate and authorize access to enterprise systems.OpenIAM brings business agility by supporting internal employees and millions of external users with the same ease, giving you the confidence to deploy new technologies across your organization at scale.


Benefits of OpenIAM

·       Fully integrated solution stack: OpenIAM is running in production at large corporations with complex business needs. The road to successfully achieve these deployments has resulted in a mature solution that is flexible enough to meet a broad range of complex needs and has passed several third-party penetration tests to ensure the integrity of the platform from a security perspective.

·       Ease of Use: OpenIAM offers a single unified Admin console and a single unified self-service portal for customers to use and manage the IAM suite. The UI has been designed to be simple and allows users who are not security professionals to quickly get a hold ofOpenIAM.

·       Ensure Secure Access: Authentication is a vital part of any customer identity and access management system to provide secure access to applications and often a battle between balancing usability and security. OpenIAM benefits the users in this section also

·       Best-in-Class Operational Efficiency: With OpenIAM, you won’t get bogged down by long implementation times, lack of user adoption, or a complex user interface. OpenIAM’s flexible platform helps Enterprises scale quickly on the path to digital transformation.

·       Single Sign-On: Improve user productivity while increasing data security. With the help of SSO, a set of credentials gives employees access to the apps they need. Corporate data that is sensitive stays protected and secure with policy-driven password security, contextual access policies, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Services of OpenIAM

·       Identity Governance

o   Automated provisioning

o   Self-Service Portal

o   Forgot Password

o   Integration APIs

o   Extensive Connector Library

·       Web Access Control

o   Adaptive Authentication

o   Multifactor Authentication

o   Single Sign-On

o   API Gateway

·       Privileged Identity Manager

o   Privileged Account Security

o   Password Vault

o   SSH Key Management

o   Privileged Session Management


Why should you choose us?

·       Transparent pricing and flexible commercial model.

·       Highly extensible to support complex IAM use cases. Speeds time-to-market.

·       Transparency, community support, and access to the product’s complete codebase.

·       A brilliant track record with a large number of successful e-commerce projects delivered to a diverse clientele till date.

·       Committing to adhere to the best practices and always delivering projects within timelines.


Visit the official website of OpenIAM here