The implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management) is typically the first step towards business automation. With proper implementation, CRM will help your company solve many burning problems such as: 

  • find and target potential buyers, 
  • build sales processes, 
  • improve the quality of communication with customers, 
  • increase the efficiency of marketing activities and advertising campaigns, 
  • develop new products and services based on customer requests and needs, 
  • optimize the storage, and 
  • processing of information.

But Installing any new system can be a daunting task, which if failed, can result in some serious loss. We, at Tetra, exist to make this process simple for you with our effective project management and cost effective solution.

Why do you need CRM

CRM software allows you to manage data and track customer information, which is often entered simultaneously by multiple departments of a company, such as sales, marketing, and accounting. This separation often leads to poor data management, but with a CRM system, this information will be integrated into a single platform. 

Benefits of implementing a CRM system

Unified database of contacts. 

It stores all the data related to your clients, leads and contacts in one central source. This makes it easy to search for names, numbers, addresses, etc,. 

Never miss deadlines again. 

The CRM system collects all customer and work deadlines. Therefore, each department involved in the collaboration can better prioritize planning the workflow.

No need to print documents. 

With the CRM system, you can attach any file you need to your client's record.

Actionable marketing campaigns based on customer needs. 

A CRM system keeps a list of all the purchases made by your clients, which can help you create automated campaigns based on a customer's purchase history, such as sending an abandoned cart newsletter where customers leave the store without finishing their purchase.

VTiger Solutions

VTiger CRM is a free, fully functional, open-source cloud based CRM solution that provides robust product support, seamless integration between pre- and post-sale activities in one easy-to-use application. It allows you to automate your business on the basis of an incredibly flexible software platform that can be extensively refined and adjusted to any company and its business processes. The system has managed to establish itself as a universal product for automating small and medium-sized businesses. 

VTiger CRM is today used by thousands of businesses across a variety of industries. 

VTiger CRM functionality

Customer contact management

  • Unified database of organizations and contact persons
  • Extended address information, personal information, links between organizations and contact persons
  • The ability to create a hierarchical structure of departments and employees of the organization
  • Combining organizations into groups on common grounds
  • Scheduling events and activities - calls, meetings, assignments ... Effective organization of employees' working time
  • Control over the work of employees by the management


  • Creation of a single customer base and a complete history of relationships with them
  • Analysis of market segments to determine the direction of development
  • Potential deal management
    • Monitoring, forecasting and actual reporting of sales processes
    • Creation of commercial offers, orders and invoices
  • Contact management
    • Maintaining a database of contacts and related potential deals, events, actions of managers and other information
    • Working time planning
  • Account management
    • PDF invoice printing
    • Sending invoices in PDF by email


  • Advertising campaign management
    • Organization of marketing campaigns
    • Track campaign performance
    • Performing personalized bulk mailings
  • Create bulk mailing lists and automate email distribution
  • Collection, analysis and segmentation of information for all objects of the system

Goods and services

  • Product and service management
    • Maintaining complete information about products and services
    • Maintaining product catalogs and price reference books
    • Maintaining information about suppliers
  • Management of commercial offers
    • Filling commercial offers with products, taking into account taxes, adjustments, discounts and quantities
    • Pricing by customer segment
  • Order management
    • Flexible organization of purchasing and selling processes
    • Tracking the quantity of goods in stock
    • Print orders in PDF
    • Create invoices


  • Built-in tool for creating and customizing reports for system users
  • Generating reports on system users
  • Print reports in PDF and Excel formats
  • Uploading data from CRM system in CSV format
  • Visualization of analytical data in the form of graphs and charts

Additional system features

  • Sharing access to information
  • Building a hierarchy of roles
  • User profile management
  • User group management
  • Audit of user actions in the system
  • Configuring the sequence of system actions for a specific event (WorkFlow)
  • Setting up directories of the main objects of the system
  • Configuring email notification templates
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Project management
  • and much more...

Benefits Of VTiger CRM Software

The main advantages of VTiger hosting over other CRM systems include:

Cloud based deployment 

You do not need to pay anything upfront, cloud based subscription mode is available

Simple, intuitive interface

Employees can start working in the system immediately

Built-in support for multiple legal entities in CRM

Allows you to manage your companies within one VTiger CRM installation

Integration with IP telephony systems (asterisk and cloud providers)

Make and receive calls from software phones using your computer systems.

Support for the full cycle of sales process documents (Sales Order, Invoices, Billing, Tax, etc)

Accelerate your sales cycle with VTiger CRM that maintains a log of the complete sales history.

Ability to generate various graphical and tabular reports

Insights from VTiger Reports help you in better data organization and making better decisions.

Support for SMS and email campaigns in CRM

Reach more customers and connect with prospects in a more personal and direct way with VTiger CRM 

Separation Of Access Rights

Wide possibilities of differentiation of access rights due to the support of profiles and user groups

Choice of installation method

In the cloud, or on your own server

Integration with other systems

Possibility of almost unlimited integration with other systems

Tetra Services

At Tetra, we offer our clients a full range of VTiger CRM support services including:

  • Initial CRM installation
  • VTiger CRM software implementation 
  • Refinement of existing VTiger systems
  • Development of modules for VTiger
  • Upgrade to the latest version of CRM
  • Integration of VTiger CRM with IP telephony systems (asterisk, cloud telephony)
  • Integration of VTiger CRM with a corporate website and other software systems
  • Technical support (configuration and troubleshooting) and VTiger administration
  • User training and consulting

VTiger CRM - The Tetra Advantage

At Tetra, we are fully committed to providing our customers with a completely optimized CRM software for effective interactions with customers, thanks to a customized and optimal solution like VTiger. With our development team backed with extensive technical expertise and decades of experience in the VTiger CRM, we are able to offer you the highest quality services in different industry sectors.

Our main focus areas with respect to VTiger CRM, include the following :

  • how the CRM software will be used in the business in order to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction at all levels. 
  • determine what problems CRM should solve
  • find what process the system will control
  • identify the shortcomings that need to be solved.
  • Implementation of CRM software after checks at every level.

With our effective project management, a coherent strategy, and constant technical support, we will help you completely automate your CRM Systems across all parts of the organization.


Why do I need VTiger Solution?

VTiger is an opportunity to increase sales by increasing the efficiency of the company.Users are provided with a variety of features such as promotions management, email marketing, interactive forms, and product management that are particularly useful for marketing activities within an organization. 

Why should I choose Tetra India for the implementation of VTiger cloud?

At Tetra we offer you Vtiger Solutions by establishing measurable goals and performance indicators for the implementation of the CRM system. We have decades of experience as a Vtiger Partner and have provided our tailored services to different industrial sectors over the course of time.

Is Vtiger web service free?

VTiger is an open source CRM solution, available both in cloud and on-premise. Vtiger Pricing differs according to its plans. It has a free option, a cloud plan that is moderately priced (only $12/user/mo), and overall it's a solid CRM software system.



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