VTiger helps companies of all sizes to implement a robust customer experience strategy with the power of One View. Market, sell and support customers across their journey with the power of VTiger one. Seamless integration makes it possible to integrate with 500+ applications that you already use at work.


Why should you choose Tetra?

Being one of the premium partners, we are fully committed to providing our customers with a completely optimized cloud CRM software for effective interactions with customers, thanks to a customized and optimal solution like VTiger V9. With our development team backed with extensive technical expertise and decades of experience in the VTiger CRM, we can offer you the highest quality services in different industry sectors.

Our main focus areas concerning VTiger Cloud CRM V9, include the following:

·       How the CRM software will be used in the business to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction at all levels.

·       Determine what problems CRM should solve

·       Find what process the system will control

·       Identify the shortcomings that need to be solved.

With our effective project management, a coherent strategy, and constant technical support, we will help you completely automate your CRM Systems across all parts of the organization.


Our Services

At Tetra, we offer our clients a full range of VTiger CRM support services including:

·       Configuration of CRM

·       Refinement of existing VTiger systems

·       Upgrade to the latest version of CRM

·       Technical support (configuration and troubleshooting) and VTiger administration

·       Third-party Integrations


What is VTiger?

VTiger CRM is a fully functional cloud-based CRM solution that provides robust product support, seamless integration between pre and post-sale activities in one easy-to-use application. It allows you to automate your business based on an incredibly flexible software platform that can be extensively refined and adjusted to any company and its business processes. The system has managed to establish itself as a universal product for automating small and medium-sized businesses.


How can VTiger 9 help an organization?

VTiger 9’s wide range of features allows every organization to work seamlessly. VTiger contains functionalities of all the three prospects of an organization, namely Marketing, Sales, and Support.



·       Marketing Calendar

·       Email Campaigns

·       SMS Campaigns

·       Event-driven campaigns

·       Landing pages

·       Website tracking

·       Google Ads integration

·       Facebook Ads integration

·       Webforms

·       Consents

·       Drag & Drop builder



·       Contact Management

·       Pipeline Management

·       Smart Alerts

·       Insights & Dashboards

·       Quotas & Forecasts

·       Appointment Pages

·       Discount Approvals

·       Group Mailboxes

·       Journey Templates

·       Documents Tracking

·       Best time to contact

·       Deal Health by Calculus

·       Geofence and Check-in



·       Case management

·       SLAs

·       Business Hours

·       Live Chat

·       Recommendations for Agents

·       Self-service KB portal

·       Customer Portal

·       Customer Service Insights

·       Chat Insights


VTiger is an opportunity to increase sales by increasing the the efficiency of the company. Users are provided with a variety of features such as promotions management, email marketing, interactive forms, and product management that are particularly useful for marketing activities within an organization.

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