Tetra can help an organization to set up a Help Desk Management System which enables them to reach out to the customer needs at a fast and efficient pace. The System can be easily integrated and deployed with the current IT landscape due to reliance on Internet and intranet technology.

Tetra provides Help Desk Management Solutions using powerful Open Source Software ((OTRS)) Open source Community Edition. This software besides being enterprise-ready is also powerful in terms of customization and integration capabilities.

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and tested on Linux, Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS and Windows.


Benefits of ((OTRS)) Open Source Community Edition

·       A large community of contributors

·       Very short release cycles

·       A large variety of configurations available on board

·       Responsive design

·       Service/SLA management

·       Connection to ITSM modules


Features when working with tickets

                    I.          ATTRIBUTES:

·       Prioritization and appointment

·       Built-in statuses with the ability to add

·       Custom fields

·       Mass actions on requests

                    II.          COMMUNICATIONS:

·       Internal notes and correspondence within the ticket

·       Drafts for notes and letters

·       Unlimited attachments

·       Tickets and letters templates

                    III.          LINKS AND CONTROL:

·       Tickets relations

·    Creating parent and child tickets

·    Splitting and combining

·       Supervision and notification on tickets


Features when supporting users


·       Working groups

·       Assignment and auto-assignment

·       Auto unlock

·       Moving among queues

·       Ticket visibility restriction

·       Access for contractors


·       Process designer

·       Schedule tickets handler

·       Event tickets handler

·       Event notification

·       Auto response

·       Ticket forms



·       Tickets registration

·       Tickets tracking

·       Communications

·       Service catalogue

·       Knowledge base

·       User surveys



·       Article categories and groups

·       Articles for agents and customers 

·       Public articles 

·       Search by keywords and text

·       Pre-moderation of articles BZ

·       Utility rating


V.          REPORTING:

·       Built-in dashboard

·       Ready-made metrics

·       Report Wizard

·       Autogenerate reporting

·       Customization options

·       Integration with BI



·       Permissions for tickets by roles and groups

·       Access rights to individual operations

·      Synchronizations of groups and roles from LDAP

·       SSO agents and customers

·       SSL S/MIME PGP

·       2-factor authentication


VII.          SLA:

·       SLA for services and queues

·       Business hours and weekends

·      Time zones for groups and SLAs


·       Reminders on tickets

·       Actual time tracking

·       Calendars



·       Outgoing and incoming mail handlers

·       SOAP and REST web services

·       External databases



·       Tickets archiving

·       RAM-cashing

·       Cluster Solutions



·       Built-in themes

·       Open CSS

·       Personal settings for agents and customers



·       Additional fields for client

·       Companies support

·       Multiple customer data sources


Why choose us

·       We offer the all-in-one package for ((OTRS)) Open source Community Edition

·       We support you with best practices that fit your needs 

·       Our developers are fluent in Perl