Internet is an integral part of the world's businesses as it is a pre-requisite if your business has global aspirations. It is your window to the world, which allows you to communicate with anybody, anywhere on the planet. Practically any business that uses computers has Internet access. The need for connection is obvious — business and business-like correspondence with partners, access to databases, upgrading software, and so on.

  • Internet gateways provide the tools to give authorized restricted Internet access to the users.
  • Transparent caching
  • Excessive access control
  • HTTP server acceleration
  • SNMP

Tetra provides Internet gateways based on squid which has features such as :

  • Proxying and Caching of HTTP, FTP
  • Proxying for SSL
  • Cache hierarchies
  • Caching of DNS look ups.

Many small businesses were initially limited to one dialup connection from one computer. But electronic mail and access into the network very rapidly became necessary for multiple employees. This made the case to connect an entire office network to the global network. Of course, it would be inexpedient to buy each computer a separate modem and a separate Internet access account. What's needed is an Internet gateway, a separate computer through which everyone can share Internet access.

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