Deploy apps in one click directly from your repository. We offer Platform as a service with red hat technologies.


What is Platform-as-a-Service

Cloud platform services also referred to as Platform as a Service (PaaS), provides cloud components to certain software while getting used mainly for applications. PaaS delivers a framework for developers that they can build upon and use to create customized applications. All servers, storage, and networking are often managed by the enterprise or a third-party provider while the developers can maintain management of the applications.


Paas and Red Hat technologies

Red Hat solutions offer you security, community, and decades of experience with the pliability to grow and expand as your ideas do. On-demand app stacks and pre-created quickstart app templates allow you to start out building your app with one click.

Known as OpenShift Enterprise until a June 2016 name change, OpenShift Container Platform is known to be a private platform as a service (PaaS) for organizations that deploy and manage OpenShift on their on-premises hardware or the infrastructure of a certified cloud provider.

OpenShift Container Platform is implemented as an assemblage of Docker-based application containers managed via Kubernetes orchestration, all running on an OS foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).


Benefits of Platform-as-a-Service

·       Scalability, including rapid allocation and deallocation of resources with a pay-as-you-use model

·       Reduced capital expenditure

·       Reduced lead times with on-demand availability of resources

·       Self-service with reduced administration costs

·       Reduced skill requirements

·       Support for team collaboration

·       Ability to add new users quickly


Our Services

·       Implementation

·       Deployment

·       Support Services


Key platform capabilities

·       Pick your IDE: Tailored IDE for every developer. A no-code IDE for business users. A low code IDE for professional developers. Both the IDEs sync bidirectionally

·       Spellbinding user experience: Use the only low-code platform with a built-in React Native framework to create mobile apps specifically for iOS and Android. Take it further with conversational and immersive experiences. All built from one platform, with no talent constraints

·       Collaborate unambiguously: Ensure effective business-IT communication throughout the application lifecycle with built-in collaboration tools for team development, feedback management, and agile project management

·       Visualize, build, and reuse: Accelerate app delivery with a highly visual, model-driven development environment

·       Deploy with one-click: Run on public, private, or hybrid clouds with single-click deployment and without compromising on security, data, or tooling integration needs of the business

·       Manage the application lifecycle: Manage the end-to-end app lifecycle seamlessly. Develop, test, refactor, deploy, and monitor the standard of the apps from one platform

·       Govern consistently: Monitor app performance and quality. Ensure full security and governance with user-based security, version control, automated testing, a comprehensive admin suite, and more


Why choose Tetra for Platform-as-a-Service?

·       Feature-rich

·       Fully optimized for the language and framework you’re using

·       History of trust and reliability with our customers

·       Continuous maintenance and support services

·       100% satisfaction guarantee

·       Capabilities across many emerging microservice technologies

·       Clear, transparent and competitive pricing


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