Benefits of Open-Source Cloud Hosting

1.    Very Easy to Scale Server Resources.

2.    Redundant Server Environment.

3.    High Uptime and Availability.

4.    Safety from Server Hardware Issues.

5.    Faster Website Speed and Performance.


What do we host?

·       Content management applications: A content management application (CMA) is the front-end component of a content management system (CMS). The CMA interface allows users to create and manage corporate or website content.

·       Web development applications: A Web development application helps the user to create and manage their websites.

·       Database applications: A database application allows one to enter, update, read and delete data from a database. Most end-user targeted database applications see to it that the end-user has a GUI to work with.

·       Email management applications: Email management applications help the user to manage their emails in a proper manner. It makes a user’s email functioning streamlined. They are also known as mail servers.

·       PHP based applications: PHP is a technology that can be used to develop dynamic web sites and applications. We help to host the PHP based application in a cloud platform.

·       Customer relationship management applications: A Customer relationship management application is a software system that helps business owners nurture their relationships with their clientele.


Our services

·       Application Hosting

·       Website hosting

·       Server/Desktop backups on cloud


What you get with us

·       24/7 Real-time Monitoring

·       Automated Backups

·       Managed Security

·       24x7 Support