Tetra Timeline


Headquartered in Delhi, India, Tetra commenced its operations in 1996. By 2000 streamlined its operations as Open Source being the only focus area. Now, Tetra operates from Delhi and provides a comprehensive range of services across verticals. Tetra is renowned for its IT infrastructure and business ready solutions apart from numerous Open Source Projects.

Tetra takes up projects across India as well as Internationally, and has implementation in all major cities in India and overseas.

Tetra lives to the mission of One Stop Source for all Open Source needs. We provide services on Open Source in different formats ranging from Outsourcing, Consultancy & Pilot projects, Migration & Porting, Software development, Training, to Remote management and many more.

With new stacks and services in Enterprise Resource Planning and E-commerce tetra reiterates its commitment to offer the best to client with motto “Quality & Timely Delivery” to the full satisfaction of client.

We understand the fact that reliable enterprise solution both for infrastructure and business space are a building block for any enterprise. To facilitate the enterprise requirements we offer a spectrum of enterprise level solutions on Open source, which bring together various technologies and multiple platforms. We have also developed expertise in providing low cost business ready solutions on services and subscription model using Linux and Open source technologies. By virtue of our experience & expertise we have developed frameworks which would help an enterprise deploy faster customized solutions as per their requirement.

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