The implementation of GST has not been but a topsy-turvy ride for taxpayers and has been tough for small-scale businesses too. Even the process of filling and managing GST returns is a lengthy and tedious process that sucks up too much of your business’s time and efforts. But, why worry when we live in a tech-savvy era where every problem has a better solution. And for GST compliance, cloud-based GST software is exactly what you need.


What is Cloud-Based GST Software?

The cloud is solely a platform that allows you to access your data or software via the web system. For instance, once you use UPI or Internet banking, you're just using the cloud to access your data. Cloud-based GST software is a modern, on-premise, and self-installable billing software in India. Wherein it is hosted by servers that provide access from anywhere through a mobile app.

If we understand in simple words, cloud-based GST software is nothing but a new way of filing GST returns without installing the software. It's a platform where you'll be able to assess your business data anywhere, anytime and hence gain all the stats about your business in real-time.


Why should you choose the Cloud Over Traditional GST Software?

        Convenient compliance: The cloud-based GST software enables businesses to file GST returns, reconcile mismatches, calculate taxes, manage inventories, prepare invoices, as per the rules of the Govt.

        Easy automation: GST compliance automation software is useful for helping businesses in saving time, eliminating errors, and complying with GST provisions easily, quickly, and securely. A good cloud-based GST software can help users with hassle-free auto-matching, purchases, reconciliation of invoices, and returns.

        Advanced data protection: What if your PC is infected or gets crashed, how will you get all your business records? Cloud-based GST software maintains all safety standards and takes backups at regular intervals. Even during data loss, you can access all your records from the cloud.

        Role-based access control: Role-based assess control is a simple and authentic approach where you can restrict your system access to authorized users. Now owners can simply assign tasks to authorized persons only to fulfil business requirements. Along with that, the software can be easily accessed by multiple users through a separate login for every user.

        Dedicated support: One of the best features of cloud accounting software is a reliable customer and tech support to solve tax compliance issues. As we know that running a business smoothly and solving the GST compliance together can be challenging for an owner, so taking professional support can help them with their GST queries.

        Real-time updates: The cloud-based GST software has made GST compliance so easy that business owners can access their data anytime from anywhere. It helps in making better financial decisions as owners would be aware of the up-to-date current financial situation.


Key features of ClearTax software

        Multi-month 2A reports: Download GSTR-2A data for multiple months in a single click

        Matching made easy: Get GSTR-3B v/s 2A and GSTR-3B v/s 1 report and become compliant

        Integrated GST Solution: Raise GST-compliant invoices to auto-prepare GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B

        Secure and cloud-based: 100% data security guaranteed with 128-bit SSL encryption

        The solution to OTP issues: Try ClearTax Desktop App to file GST returns hassle-free.

        Support Team: Timely assistance for you to file your returns & resolve all your queries.

        Import data directly from 100s of ERPs: Works with all versions of Tally & Busy. No manual data entry required. One-click import-export.

        Track filing status of all your clients: Single click dashboard to track returns filing for multiple GSTINs at one place

        Claim Maximum ITC: Maximize ITC Through Advanced Matching of GSTR-2A with purchase register and stay compliant with section 36(4) rule.