What is Zimbra?

Zimbra Collaboration is an enterprise-class solution for company collaboration with email, calendar, and file-sharing tools. Zimbra community provides a private social networking space and online community, a place for customer support, with online knowledge bases and other helpful documentation. Two versions of Zimbra are currently available: The Open-Source version and the Professional version. It also comes along with a Zimbra Web Client, which supports email and group calendars for aligning mails and Video Conferencing necessary for every company to function collectively.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, provides web, desktop, and mobile apps for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Skype, OneDrive, Exchange Online, and more.

Comparison: Zimbra Vs Microsoft 365

  • Code Customisation: Zimbra is an open-source software which means organizations can have more control over email operations as there is always a possibility to customize code to suit diverse business requirements. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, is a closed source software as only Microsoft is permitted to perform any changes to the code as and when required.
  • Webmail: Zimbra server offers its own Ajax-based Zimbra web client. Microsoft 365 server uses a proprietary remote procedure call protocol – MAPI / RPC, designed for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Admin Center: Zimbra administration console is the intuitive, navigable, browser-based user interface used to manage all Zimbra servers and mailbox accounts centrally. Microsoft 365 offers an easy-to-use web-based admin center to manage accounts, permission, user creation.
  • Features: Microsoft 365 includes the Microsoft suite of desktop applications, hosted versions of Microsoft’s server products such as Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync. Zimbra, in addition to email and calendar also offers a host of features such as file sharing, document management, simplified admin controls, and an award-winning, AJAX-based user interface. On top of that, Zimbra also offers useful features such as cross-platform sync, platform search, and email sorting, that Microsoft 365 doesn’t.
  • Scalability: Zimbra has a close-perfect score on every aspect of deployment and scalability, whether it’s about file management suite requirements, user policy management, on-premise options, cloud readiness, and security. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, is specifically designed as a cloud solution with decent cloud storage and mailbox sizes.
  • Cost: You need to purchase the storage space and create unlimited users. As well as, the Zimbra sharing model is also available. It significantly has a low price in comparison to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based model where you need to pay licensing fee per user per month or annually.

Ultimately, Zimbra & Microsoft Exchange Server/Online have a lot in common, and each facilitates a resilient platform for business users for professional email communication. But each one has a unique selling point. Zimbra boasts a user-friendly interface and handy features at a low price. In contrast, Microsoft 365 offers a slightly better level of security and features.

Why should you choose Zimbra over other competitors?

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an open-source solution that benefits from constant developments. There are some key benefits offered by Zimbra email hosting services. With Zimbra, your employees can manage their mailboxes far better. They save precious time and money in the process.

Zimbra consists of two versions:

  1. Open-source version: Zimbra Collaboration Open-Source Edition allows you to test, evaluate, deploy, customize and improve and a vibrant Open-Source Community is supporting it.
  2. Professional version: Zimbra Professional Edition provides Archiving and Discovery feature that enables you to archive messages that were delivered to or sent by Zimbra Collaboration and to search across mailboxes.

By utilizing Zimbra in conjunction with Tetra, you will have complete peace of mind regarding all of your business email needs.

Both Tetra and Zimbra have a strong track record for always putting customers first. This is one of the core reasons why Tetra continues to be a premium partner of Zimbra, giving clients the most important choice when it comes to the best Enterprise Mailing and Collaborative Solution.

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