What is a mail server?

A mail server (sometimes called MTA – Mail Transport Agent) is an application that is used to transfer mails from one user to another. A mail server handles both sending and receiving mails using protocols such as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or ESMTP (Extended SMTP) for sending mails and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) for receiving mails.

What is a dedicated Mail Server?

A dedicated e-mail server is reserved for a single customer only, which means that the owner has the right to choose the bandwidth, memory and storage space according to his requirements. When the dedicated server is compared with the other shared hosting accounts, it is very clearly observed that the dedicated server has more power and versatility. So, the owner can run and install anything on the server. The owner is then ultimately responsible for taking care of the security, maintenance and also backup. A dedicated server is the right solution for all organizations which are looking for a high-performance e-mail server because this server can host many several email accounts with full security and safety.

5 reasons to choose a dedicated mail server

  • When you have your dedicated e-mail server, you then as a domain administrator can log onto it at any point in time, whenever you wish to and you can also make the necessary changes in the mailbox. You also get the advantage to set up the feature of forwarding to the other addresses, you have easy access which you can also utilize to change the password, you can set up your own out of office autoresponder and thus this entire process ultimately results in reducing the administrative workload to a great extent.
  • The host of the dedicated email server has full access to all the resources of the server. Dedicated e-mail server hosting is expensive when compared to shared email hosting. With the help of a dedicated e-mail server, a person can make thousands of email addresses at one time only, because this dedicated server has a very large data space and so it very conveniently allows a large number of emails to get stored on the server itself. The dedicated email server is known for its excellent performance, customization and full security.
  • The dedicated servers very easily integrate with all the CRM systems, databases and also with the other back-end applications. These servers are also used in the MSSQL database management and also at the same time it helps in the synchronization with the other important applications. These servers have all the desired professional and enterprise-level features. The maintenance of such dedicated servers generally includes backup, updates and continuous network monitoring for all 24 hours. These servers have an excellent sending speed of up to 500,000 messages and that too per hour. With these dedicated servers the unlimited data archiving is possible.
  • Since these servers are completely dedicated to the hosts and so the host has full right to manage them, according to his requirements. The host will not have to share the resources with the other users as such and so the owner enjoys competitive flexibility. Since there is only one user of the server, all the mails are thus delivered to the desired email address at a much faster rate without failure. A dedicated IP address is also assigned to the owner and so the owner will be ultimately responsible for the activities from that particular IP address. Also, all the functions on these servers are checked very regularly after every minute and if something goes wrong, the networking staff will be notified immediately at that very instant.
  • Perhaps even more importantly, dedicated server hosting for email keeps communications among your employees much more secure than they would be with a shared service. This can give you added protection and peace of mind, especially if your employees frequently deal with sensitive data (such as customer payment information or even medical files.

We can summarize that it is extremely important to choose a dedicated email server for your organization. You should keep in mind that while choosing an email hosting service you must choose the one that is capable of growing with your business. The features and tools offered must be advanced enough to deliver email hosting services of the best kind. A reputed email hosting service is capable of handling all of your business communication requirements with the very best level of efficiency. Zimbra is a mail server that has a lot of features that businesses need.

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