In today’s World, managing the field force effectively is the key for any retail organization or for any organization having field force to enhance the effeciency and productivity and hence topline and bottom line.

Mobile as a tool provides a very cost effective way to manage the field force. Few of the key advantages the Mobile provides are

- You can geo tag the location of the employee during the day. This provides a very powerful way to analyze the movement of employees.

- You can time stamp the data entered by the field force. This provides an insight about the field force w.r.t to plan they are supposed to adhere to.

- Data can be available on real time to the management so that corrective actions can be taken very fast

- Whole workflow can be developed using Mobile and web, so that on-field person can be provided with decisions on real time.

- Field users can be provided with real time data which can help them in taking decisions in the field.

Various areas where Mobile application can be effective are.

- For sales force to plan their day and then send reports on real time basis.

- For retail manpower to manage their stock sales at end stores.

- For top management to get real time reports on their handsets based on performance of the organization.

- For finance organizations to automate their loan process and approval system

- For field staff to plan and manage their on-field collection.

- For any organization to manage their on-file assets effectively.

 In brief Mobile is a very effective tool to manage the field staff, and has brough about a revolution in the way the field staff works.