What is a CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing an organization’s relationships and interactions with its customers or potential customers. The goal of this whole technology is to improve their business relationships to expand the business. A CRM software helps organizations stay connected to their customers and improve profitability along with all the pre and post-sales activities.

An integrated CRM software is usually referred to as a tool that helps with contact management, sales management, agent productivity, marketing management and more. Integrated CRM tools can nowadays be used to manage customer relationships across the entire customer lifecycle along with marketing, sales, digital commerce, and even customer service interactions.

Advantages of CRM Software

The advantages of a CRM software include:

  1. An organized database of contacts

  2. Reduction in sales time significantly

  3. Gain more insights into the performance of your organization

  4. Helps in turning cold leads into warm leads

  5. Automating Deal Management

 Functionalities of integrated CRM software


  • Contacts: Helps us to know our contacts better

  • Deals and opportunities: Helps us to win deals faster

  • Sales Forecast: Helps us to Plan effectively with pre-built forecasts

  • Sales Insights: Gives us all the required analytics and insights

  • Appointments: Helps us schedule our appointments faster and in an organized manner

 Help Desk

  • Cases: It is equipped with a powerful case management feature

  • SLAs: Helps organizations guarantee customer support reliability with SLA’s

  • Customer portal: Equipped with a feature to engage professionally through a private customer portal

  • Knowledge Base: Helps organizations provide fast answers to previously solved problems

  • Help Desk Insights: Provides the service team with all the analytics and insights


  • Advertising campaign management: Helps in organizing marketing campaigns and tracking the campaign performance

  • Email Marketing: Helps in engaging customers through emails


  • Performance Insights: Provides the sales & help desk analytics and insights

  • Collaboration: Helps organizations to collaborate with inside records

  • Mobile Apps: Equipped with apps for all mobile platforms, be it Android or iOS

  • Integrations: Helps to integrate with over 500 business applications


  • Calendar & Tasks: Equipped with a feature of deeply integrated calendar events

  • Reporting: Helps to build reports from CRM data

  • Projects: Helps in integrating and managing the projects

  • Inventory: Helps to manage inventory & prices, build quotes, send invoices & track payments

  • Workflow Automation: Helps in workflow automation

  • Docs & Files: Helps in breathing new life into sales and marketing documents

Integrated CRM Solutions available in the market

From a huge list to choose from, Vtiger is one of the most widely used CRM software with over 300,000 satisfied customers. Vtiger is an open-source, cloud-based CRM that enables organizations to deliver excellent customer experiences by integrating their marketing, sales, and support teams. It allows businesses to automate the organization with the help of a customizable software platform that can be filtered and adjusted according to the needs of any company.

At Tetra, we offer a full range of customized VTiger CRM support services. With our effective project management, a coherent strategy, and constant technical support, we will help you completely automate your CRM Systems across all parts of the organization.