Tetra offers Web based ERP, based on Open source technologies for SME's. The ERP is best fit for Distributors having multiple offices and multiple stock points, and want to manage the Distribution system.

Features of Tetra ERP

General :

  • Complete Web based ERP.
  • Multi companies can be handled.
  • In a company there will be Head Office.
  • Under Head Office there can be different regional Offices.
  • Under Regions there can be multiple offices (office can be Sales Office or Go-down or service Centre).
  • Operating Model for multiple offices can be owned or outsourced.
  • Options can be kept at HO level for centralized control and decision making.
  • Single view of all branches with their transactions at HO level to compare all the branches. Branch will be able to view his own transactions and not the transactions of other branch.
  • Specific type of transactions can be routed through HO, with the use of this option, specified transactions of specified branch will happen after approval of HO.
  • Two level authentications are build to secure the application one is HTTP security second is application level security.
  • Role based access to the options from the main menu of the application; User will be able to access / see the options from the main menu of the application according to the role / options assigned to him.
  • Whole application is accessible through internet explorer, so no client is required to be installed on PC to access the application.
  • All the reports are convertible into different types like pdf, xls, rtf, ppt, txt etc.


Procurement :

  • Procurement can be controlled centrally at HO or de-centralized controlled can be given to branches.
  • Every supplier will have login id to access the information which is related to him.
  • Supplier wise Contract for price, terms and conditions shall be entered which will be the base for Purchase Order.
  • Work flow enablement for Purchase Order approvals.
  • Auto booking of purchase in financial books and adding purchase overheads during this process.
  • Supplier performance reporting based on schedule and quality of supplies.
  • Tracking of 'C' and 'F' forms.

Sales and Distribution :

  • Pricing Engine supports Discount and Flexible pricing.
  • Turnaround time for Order execution can be minimised.
  • Integrated lead time management.
  • Auto booking of sales in financial books.
  • Employee and Customer performance based on Sales Targets v/s Achievements.
  • Workflow enablement for Sales Order cycle and Sales Return cycle.
  • Tracking of product serial numbers for warranty and after sales support purposes.
  • Updated Statuary Forms.
  • Secondary Sales Tracking.
  • Transactions supported with uploading of scan copies.

Inventory Management :

  • Strengthen inventory and warehouse management with use of bar code management.
  • Stock level can be fixed for Minimum, Maximum and Reorder Level.
  • Material issue is based on FIFO.
  • Aging of Stocks with respect to FIFO.

Financial Accounting :

  • Customer and Supplier outstanding and overdue aging for proper utilization of money.
  • Cost Centre wise analysis.
  • Budgeting of expenses.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Tracking of Payable and Outstanding statuary forms
  • Profit and Loss can be viewed branch wise or cumulative for the region or cumulative for the whole company at HO level.

Human Resource Management System :

  • Every employee will have his own Login id.
  • Complete performance management system which includes KRA, Appraisals and Competency mapping which is supported by approval workflows.
  • Payroll is a part of HRMS.
  • Attendance is taken from the attendance punching machines in .csv formats.
  • Leave and Travel approval process is supported by e-mail and SMS gateway.
  • Employee self service helps employees to enter their requests and view status of those requests.
  • Using Employee Self Service employee can view their Salary Slip, even PF statement also.
  • Compliance related to ESI and PF is taken care.

Employee Portal :

  • Employee portal is a link between employees and the organization.
  • Policies and News & events are uploaded on periodic basis for awareness in the employees.
  • Internal job posting for employees for referral purposes.
  • Results of various internal activities are published.
  • Processes can be viewed for clarification purposes.
  • Knowledge sharing via uploading of suggestions and internal projects.

Service Centre :

  • All the service centres will have their login id and password to access the application.
  • HO will be controlling office for all the service centres.
  • Analysis on calls can be done based on the Faults / Causes / Locations etc.
  • Warranty is tracked based on the serial numbers attached with sale of the equipments.
  • TAT of complaints is calculated to see the performance of the service centre.
  • Spare parts are controlled, monitored and replenished by HO.
  • Knowledge sharing is done by HO using portal for better service output.

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