Apache CloudStack is an Open-Source platform, that offers Cloud orchestration Architectures to help create and manage an IaaS Cloud.

Why Choose Tetra for Apache CloudStack Services?

  • Years of experience in the Open source and Cloud with a team of highly qualified professionals
  • With the help of our products, our customers improve the user experience through additional cloud services, a convenient custom UI, and integration with other platforms.
  • Our services allow customers to ensure cloud continuity, drastically reduce their time to market, simplify day-to-day operations and increase SLA.
  • Custom solutions based on our extensions enable integration with third-party products and services.

At Tetra India, we offer you various services for companies that plan to deploy a CloudStack-based cloud.

Apache CloudStack Services we offer:

  • Design and Build a Cloud: We transform expectations and requirements into a cloud architecture that utilizes the best of CloudStack and our own solutions. Cloud design is an important step to build a cloud that will be reliable, easy to manage, and reflect customers' expectations.
  • Cloud Acceptance Testing: Independent and thorough User Acceptance Testing for newly deployed clouds. Despite the chosen cloud solution, it requires very careful testing before being approved to go into production. Without quality assurance sooner or later you meet the situation when something is broken, unsupported in the current environment, or works unstable.
  • CloudStack Support: Our service is not merely about the development of Apache CloudStack but we also provide support for the existing cloud systems

What is Apache CloudStack?

Apache CloudStack is an open-source infrastructure that allows any IT service provider to offer public cloud services. In addition to public clouds, CloudStack can also be used by those businesses that wish to offer their private cloud and hybrid cloud services to users.

CloudStack includes a compute function that allocates virtual machines (VMs) to individual servers, a network function that manages switches to create and manage logical networks, object and block storage systems, an image management function, and a cloud computing management interface that supports all of the software stack’s components.

Features of Apache CloudStack:

  • Rich Management User Interface
  • Secure Single Sign-On
  • Secure AJAX Console Access
  • Secure Cloud Deployments
  • Dynamic Workload Management
  • Broad network Virtualization Capabilities
  • VM Sync and High Availability
  • Rich Template and ISO Management
  • User Data Support
  • NetScaler Support

Benefits of Apache CloudStack:

  • High-Value Services: Apache CloudStack can assist you in delivering only the best solutions and services to your customers. The application makes that possible by providing you with tools that allow you to distribute internal workloads, perform cloud services, and offer public workloads to your clients at the same time.
  • Powerful API: Apache CloudStack has a powerful API that enables you to connect with a wide range of third-party services and even build and use your own applications. You can also do any API-related task with ease as it is extensively documented.
  • Wide Administrative Capabilities: For you to ensure that your cloud stack is secure, Apache CloudStack includes a broad range of tools that allow you to manage users, segregate cloud resources, assign management tasks, and more. With these features within your reach, you can seamlessly and comprehensively oversee activities in your network, especially when they are related to the cloud and to the solution.
  • Hypervisor Agnostic: Apache CloudStack has the ability to support any hypervisor, regardless of its manufacturer. Being hypervisor agnostic makes it a flexible solution as it can easily integrate with any virtual machine monitor you include in your system.

If you are looking for a trusted provider for Apache CloudStack, you will find the services of Tetra India to be quite effective and economical. We provide various services for companies which plan to deploy a CloudStack-based cloud. Our solutions are fully customizable, which you can modify according to the particular requirements of your organization.

Visit the official website of Apache CloudStack here