We provide IM server using Open source technologies Open IM server uses open XMPP protocol (also called Jabber), widely adopted instant messaging protocol and an approved standard by the IETF. With many server implementations and dozens of clients, it's also the only protocol with proven inter operability. The XMPP protocol is supported and continually enhanced by the active XMPP Software Foundation community.

  • Pluggable IM server plugin system allows you to install plugins to add functionality that you need. A library of plugins is available through the administration console and can be installed with the click of a button.
  • Cross Platform : This uses an industry-standard Java architecture supported by millions of developers around the world. IM works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Free BSD, Solaris, and other Unix variants.
  • Database Agnostic It stores all data using an open database schema. It can be connected to MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, DB2, or Sybase.
  • Integrated It can be connected to LDAP or Active Directory server or uses native Windows or Unix PAM authentication.
  • Pluggable authentication, user, and group systems make it easy to pull data from wherever it lives. IM server can be plugged into custom authentication, user, and group systems by implementing simple Java interfaces.
  • Performance Scale Up Scale to tens of thousands of concurrent connections per instance while maintaining a light-weight footprint.
  • Distribute Connections Distribute client connections across several connection managers to free up your fire (formerly Wildfire) server resources.
  • Optimized Architecture Advanced caching and packet routing logic are optimized for high performance in server-side Java architecture.

Feature List :

  • IM server is an open source real time communication (RTC) server
  • It uses open protocol for instant messaging and group chat, XMPP (also called Jabber).
  • Large and or geographically spread out organization can realize significant benefits by having chat / presence features available to users, while maintaining a secure (and compliant) environment.
  • Know when your contacts are available and get critical questions answered faster. Manage your own presence to let others know when you can't be interrupted.
  • Gateway for gtalk, aim, yahoo, msn
  • Provide Web based and desktop based login
  • Allows setup of chat queues with moderators
  • click plug-in installation
  • Internal authentication and authentication with LDAP
  • Setting up chat queues
  • Setup internal database
  • Packet Filter which ensures that certain words are not used in the chat conversation.

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