Are you looking to implement Enterprise ready  Open source solutions or Enterprise ready Private/Public cloud deployment, we, At Tetra, can help you design a plan with better scalability, security, and efficiency in collaboration with Red Hat.

Red Hat has a commitment to open source and open standards solutions coupled with enterprise-class support. As a service provider, this attracts us in the first place. Red Hat open source solutions make it easier to integrate systems, make changes, and migrate applications to the cloud.

What Is Red Hat? 

Red Hat is a leading provider of open source and enterprise-class solutions. Digital transformation is an unstoppable phenomenon that requires transversal evolutionary processes for all companies. A challenge, in terms of technologies and specializations, in which Red Hat participates by looking at artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of things, edge computing. It offers stable products and a high level of service. Red Hat products are certified by leading hardware and software vendors (IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle, SAP and many others). Red Hat products are useful in all industry spheres and businesses, whether small or large. It brings both the innovation and dynamism that are inherent in all open source products, and the stability and reliability of the corporate system.

Red Hat sells subscriptions to offer customers a software-as-a-service model. This model provides greater supplier responsibility and a higher level of service. It is very easy to port new applications to this ecosystem, and to configure without crutches, and so on.

Red Hat Products

Linux Platforms 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the tools you need to modernize your infrastructure, increase efficiency through virtualization and standardization, and ultimately prepare your data center for an open, hybrid cloud IT architecture. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform provides resilience to meet today's challenges and the flexibility to adapt to future needs.


Change the approach to your applications. Red Hat JBoss Middleware delivers cloud-based services, from developer tools to data management, for faster, smarter and more flexible application development.

Virtualization Platforms

Red Hat enterprise virtualization offers complete solutions for servers and technical workstations. The Red Hat Virtualization solution, developed by the team that created Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allows you to move from a platform without an operating system to an open, flexible environment that is ready for future technologies.

Cloud Computing

With Red Hat's open hybrid cloud infrastructure, your IT department can better serve your entire organization by delivering more adaptable and flexible solutions while protecting your business assets and preparing for future growth.


Are there too many data stores? Easily manage all your unstructured and loosely structured big data across physical, virtual and cloud environments with Red Hat openshift container storage.


The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform enables a flexible, adaptive approach to the development and deployment of mobile applications. Take advantage of open source technologies and industry-standard toolkits while centralizing control over security, internal integration, and policy management

Red Hat Products - Tetra Expertise

At Tetra, we offer expertise in the following products in collaboration with Red Hat: 

Red Hat Openshift Platform with Kubernetes, Dockers, CI/CD, etc

Red Hat Openshift Platform is an on-premises private PaaS solution that accelerates collaboration between teams and offers rapid application delivery by the enterprises.    

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

An end to end IaaS solution platform with outstanding scalability that provides an open and flexible private cloud platform developed and optimized together with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Optimized for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and has high affinity.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform

A data center-class virtual environment for both Linux and Windows workloads. It enables you to build the robust, secure, and extremely scalable virtualization foundation required by enterprise applications.

Red Hat Satellite

The Red Hat Satellite Server is a lifecycle management and configuration management platform for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with great usability. It provides tools to efficiently implement, update, and manage your system.

Red Hat Cloudforms 

Hybrid cloud automation for consistency across all environments.

Red Hat Insight

Predictive analytics to keep you up to date.

Red Hat Ansible

Ansible Red Hat for ast IT automation across infrastructure & applications.

The Tetra Advantage

Tetra is committed to working with enterprises, to bring its customers some of the very best  solutions. Our customers enjoy a vast array of benefits, including special pricing, ongoing technical support and besides the quality of our software. 

Here, at Tetra India, we provide end-to-end Red Hat customer service including:


Finding the best solutions for your business challenges.


Finding the right licensing program to keep costs down.


Quick start of the project. Deployment and Implementation services.

Tech Support

24/7 Technical Red Hat support for our customers


Why should I choose Tetra India for the deployment of Red Hat services?

The decision to add a public cloud is already quite complex. But once you have made that decision, you should no longer have to worry about the proper functioning of the operating system that is deployed to run your applications. This is where we step in. As an authorized Red Hat partner, we are here to make the whole process much simpler and easy to use for you. 

Why do I need Red Hat?

Red Hat is all about efficiency, agility, and speed, which are prerequisites for the smooth running of the business in any IT infrastructure.

Therefore, you need Red Hat if you want to:

  • Optimize the IT you have
  • Integrate apps,data,& processes
  • Add & manage hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Develop cloud-native applications
  • Automate & manage IT

What all products are offered by Red Hat?

Red Hat offers a wide array of products including:

  • Red Hat Openshift Platform with Kubernetes, Dockers, CI/CD, etc
  • Red Hat OpenStack End to end Platform
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform
  • Red Hat Ansible
  • Red Hat Satellite
  • Red Hat Storage
  • Red Hat High Availability
  • Red Hat JBoss EAP full stack including fuse etc
  • Red Hat 3 scale API Management


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