Training is one of the most crucial aspects in the deployment of IT services. Tetra offers corporate training for various organizations. We offer solutions as per specific requirements of the company and focus on the corporate objectives of the company. Our comprehensive training ensures that the employees are well versed with the technicalities of the job and can manage the IT infrastructure efficiently.

Corporate Training for successful deployment of any Open Source Solution is an important aspect of understanding the product. It is also required to maximize benefit from any existing Linux deployment. Effective training also impacts positively on the reduction of scrap and rework, and helps boost employee confidence. Now we have refined it to meet the differing and emerging needs of our customers. Skilled trainers would deliver practical skills that will be manifested in better performance right through to the bottom line.

Our Trainers have the industry experience & expertise to give real insight on various aspects of Open Source modules like Zimbra Mailing, Linux Infrastructure, Libre Office etc., to customized topics required for corporate deployment. We cater to technical as well as adoption of Linux training sessions.

Tetra offers to enhance open source for your employees by way of orientation and presentations included in the training programs designed for effective results to increase confidence for efficient handling.

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