Tetra provides Remote Management Services to businesses.With our Remote Management Services, you will easily anticipate, identify and resolve problems much faster, and with greater accuracy. Our highly skilled helpdesk team will quickly connect into your server or PC, and take all the required steps to resolve the problems. Tetra’s toolset includes a judicious mix of industry-standard IT monitoring and management tools along with in-house point tools that enhance effectiveness and efficiency.


Benefits of Remote Management

·       Flexible service enabling clients to take care of the tools they have made investments like an existing service desk ticket system, security and network tooling.

·       Utilization of the end-userfacing systems or processes minimizes internal disruption

·       Managed Information Technology addresses skillgaps and reduces correlating staffing costs.

·       Improves productivity and efficiency of the IT infrastructure and network, resulting in greater availability.

·       Increased optimization using centralized monitoring and patch management.


Features of Remote Management

·       24x7 Proactive Monitoring:Our team of expert engineers keep an eye on the connectivity and server services round-the-clock from our central Network Operations Centre (NOC)

·       Maintenance & Audits:Our work includes monitoring event logs, schedule maintenance tasks, patch management, anti-virus management, backup monitoring and more

·       Complete Protection: Server optimization and hardening, firewall audit, anti-virus and spam protection, and more as part of initial audit and proactive maintenance

·       Backups and Data Recovery:We provide complete technical assistance in building backup and recovery plans, configuring and monitoring the same

·       Qualified Technicians:With us, your organization gets 24x7 access to professional and certified domain experts who fully understand that uptime, security and reliability are of utmost importance

·       Measured SLA’s: Weoffer a 30-minute response time and a 6-hour resolution time for all technical support incidents


Our services

·       Open-source project support

·       Open-source product support

·       Open-source system infrastructure support

·       Open-source solution deployment support


Open-source technologies supported


·       Elasticsearch

·       Logstash

·       Kibana

Networking tools:

·       Samba

Dashboard Monitoring Softwares:

·       Nagios

·       Prometheus

·       Grafana

Container operators:

·       Kubernetes

·       Docker

Virtualization Technology:

·       KVM

Mail Servers:

·       Zimbra

·       Postfix

Backup Softwares:

·       Amanda

·       Bacula

CRM Softwares:

·       VTiger

Human Resource Softwares:

·       OTRS

Web Technologies:

·       Drupal

·       Magento

·       Joomla

·       PHP

·       Java

Web Server:

·       Apache

SQL Technologies:

·       MySQL

·       Postgresql

·       MongoDB


Why should you choose us?

·       High-quality manpower which is amongst the best available in the Industry

·       Years of experience on Open source which is unparalleled in the industry

·       Ability to provide a high quality of customer satisfaction

·       Specialized division providing high-end technical support to companies, always delivering high values

·       On-demand people with specialized skills available

·       The well laid down process to addresses customer calls effectively and efficiently

·       Ability to ramp up processes fast

·       Well laid down system of knowledge management

·       A strong infrastructure in place

·       Capability to meet client's support 'SLA'