What is VTiger 9?

VTiger Cloud CRM V9 is an intuitive and powerful cloud-based CRM. VTiger Cloud CRM V9 has a blazing fast UI and enhanced capabilities powered by the Calculus AI engine - all designed to help you work better. With a brand-new mobile app and integrations to over 500 business applications, VTiger works where you are.

Features of VTiger 9:


·       Focus on the right deals: With insights and nudges from the advanced Calculus AI engine, teams can focus on leads that are most likely to convert

·       Transform leaders into coaches: With automated conversation analysis and flagging of deals that need help, leaders move away from managing to coaching their teams

·       Build on meaningful insights: Transform your customer experience (CX) strategy with meaningful insights on where the blockers are and suggestions on the best next steps

·       Automate Workflows: VTiger Cloud CRM lets you configure the platform to suit your processes. With workflow automation, you get rid of grunt work and focus on business outcomes

·       Empower Sales Teams: Gives sales teams the power to deliver results with a CRM that saves them time and puts all team on the same page with a single view of the customer

·       Create deep relationships: By having everyone in the organization work from a single source of truth, you create customer delight and build deep long-lasting relationships


Working of VTiger 9:

VTiger 9 redesigned the entire user experience keeping the new realities of work in mind. Navigation and discovery have been designed to almost read our mind. We get the information you need when you need it and in the most convenient way. We can now personalize VTiger CRM to give you quick access to the sections you use.

With customer one view, get your teams connected and delight yourcustomers with insights and meaningful conversation. The VTiger engineers went all in and pulled out some of the internal wiring to add a whole new artificial intelligence engine. It is called calculus, and it's just awesome at being your digital assistant. It keeps track of everything you are working on, nudging you on the next things you need to do. It analyses conversations you're having with prospects and customers and alerts you if something needs your attention. Or if you're a manager and your team member hasn't responded in time; calculus will make sure you know about it as well. VTiger integrates with apps you already use at work like Tally, Xero, Quickbooks, Paypal, Gmail and over 500 other business applications.

VTiger totally took apart the VTiger CRM mobile app and put it back together, so that we can take our CRM with us wherever we are.


How can VTiger 9 help an organization?

VTiger 9’s wide range of features allows every organization to work seamlessly.VTigercontains functionalities of all the three prospects of an organization, namely Marketing, Sales, and Support.


        Marketing Calendar

        Email Campaigns

        SMS Campaigns

        Event-driven campaigns

        Landing pages

        Website tracking

        Google Ads integration

        Facebook Ads integration



        Drag & Drop builder


        Contact Management

        Pipeline Management

        Smart Alerts

        Insights & Dashboards

        Quotas & Forecasts

        Appointment Pages

        Discount Approvals

        Group Mailboxes

        Journey Templates

        Documents Tracking

        Best time to contact

        Deal Health by Calculus

        Geofence and Check-in


        Case management


        Business Hours

        Live Chat

        Recommendations for Agents

        Self-service KB portal

        Customer Portal

        Customer Service Insights

        Chat Insights

So, as we can see, VTiger brings an enormous amount of CRM functionalities all under a single software which helps in the growth of many organizations and thus helps organizations in creating and unified experience. Tetra provides VTiger V9 Cloud CRM services to organizations.