A good collaboration suite includes e-mail, contacts, calender, document sharing, IM and Unified communication. Users should be able to access these devices through various communication devices like Computer, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets etc.

Major collaborations suites which are present in the market today are.

- Microsoft Exchange

- Lotus Notes

- Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)

- Google Apps

- Office 365

- Lotus online

Zimbra mail server is one of the preffered collaboration tools due to following features.:

- It is very easy to deploy, and scales from 10 of users to millions of users. It support multi server architecture seamlessly.

- Cost of Zimbra is very low compares to any other collaboration tool and scales from Open source to Professional as the requirement grows.million users.

- Zimbra is a full collaboration tools, with all the integrated features of the tool in a single suite (Mails, Contacts, Calender, Document sharing)

- Zimbra professional support full mobile sync for Andriod, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows devices

- Zimbra supports all desktop clients via IMAP/POP or MAPI. It also has a free desktop client called Zimbra Desktop.

Zimbra is one of the most cost effective and feature collaborative suites available