Zimbra is a enterprise class of email and collaborative solutions which comprises of features like task management system, document management system, calender management system and other advance search options. Mail, document, calendar and address book etc can be shared with internal and external users in a secure way. It gives users flexibility to work virtually from anywhere using tablets, mobile, laptop etc devices. Zimbra is well liked email solutions by the companies for professional and official requirements. It is used for managing incoming and outgoing emails, databases, internal communication in offices and data storage. Zimbra mail server provides full cross platform support with native integration on major operating systems like windows, macs and linux desktop.

Key Features of Zimbra mail server

1. It is flexible, light and simple to use across multiple domains or any platform with any mobile device. Employees can access them from their home computers and mobiles.

2. It provides fully incorporated antispam and antivirus capabilities.

3. It ensures better centralization since shared contacts and shared tasks can be maintained.

4. DC /DR replication with Live Sync.

5. Multi Server Architecture with Single Point and Simple Administration.

There are two versions of zimbra mail server which are available in market one is open source version and second is commercially supported version.

Major Applications In Zimbra

Apple i-Sync support

Universal desktop client with Zimbra Desktop.

Instant messaging / Chat with webrtc based Zimbra Talk for Group Video Meeting and Screenshares.

Document management and Zimbra Open Srive Integration with Nextcloud or OwnCloud.

Briefcase with Version Control.

Email grouping

Distribution list

Seamlessly Support Windows , MAC, Linux, Android and Iphone

Supports Active Sync and Exchange Web Services on Supported platforms

Zimlets Echo System for External Applications like Unified Comrmunication Platforms (Cisco etc) , Webex , ProcessMaker etc under a single Window

100+ Quality of Service definition for Group or Individual

Active Directory or LDAP Integration. SPNEGO protocol mechanism for SSO

Zimbra mail server solutions can easily cater to large corporates and enterprises for their mailing and collaborative tools requirement.