Solutions available in market

There are many great open-source mail servers available today. Some of the most popular include Postfix, Sendmail, and Zimbra. All of these mail servers offer great features and are very reliable.

Postfix is a popular open-source mail server that is known for its security and reliability. It is a good choice for organizations that need a robust mail server.

Sendmail is one of the 3 oldest and most widely used open-source mail servers. It is very versatile and can be configured to work in a variety of environments.

Zimbra is a full-featured open-source mail server that includes a web interface. It is a good choice for organizations that need a mail server with a lot of features.

What is Zimbra Opensource?

Zimbra Opensource is a community-led open-source software project focused on delivering enterprise-grade email and collaboration solutions. The project is developed in the open-source Git version control system and uses the Collaboration Office platform as its foundation.

Zimbra Opensource is designed to provide users with a stable, high-quality email and collaboration solution that is customizable and extensible. The project is designed to be easy to use and manage, and it offers an intuitive user interface that is based on the Collaboration Office platform.

Zimbra Opensource is available free of charge and it is supported by the Zimbra community. The project is available on GitHub and is developed by a team of volunteers who are passionate about delivering high-quality open-source software.

What are the benefits of using Zimbra Opensource?

Zimbra Opensource Edition is a great way to get started with Zimbra, while keeping your data private and secure. It includes all the features of the full Zimbra product, but is available without any proprietary software. Plus, it's free to download and use!

Some of the benefits of using Zimbra Opensource Edition include:

  • Reduced Costs - The cost of using Zimbra Opensource is significantly lower than traditional products, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.
  • Increased Flexibility - Zimbra Opensource allows organizations to customize their solution to fit their specific needs, making it easier to manage and use.
  • Greater Efficiency - Zimbra Opensource helps organizations to achieve greater efficiency and productivity by automating common tasks and improving communication.
  • Increased Collaboration - With Zimbra Opensource, businesses can easily collaborate with colleagues and customers, improving communication and teamwork.

Hosting Options with Zimbra Open Source

Zimbra Open Source provides you with the flexibility to choose from both on-premise and cloud hosting solutions.

Advantages of Cloud Email:

  • In most cases, you only pay for the number of email boxes you need, scaling up quickly whenever required.
  • Users can access the data from anywhere, as all the data is securely stored in the cloud.
  • You do not require an in-house IT person to monitor the email servers 24/7. It also helps you to invest in other resources.
  • You do not have to purchase servers or hardware, which can be a substantial up-front cost or pay for power and space.
  • Cloud email providers have dedicated security teams and will also take care of any technical issues.
  • Your email will stay up even if your office network is down, which can be very handy for companies that operate in disaster-prone areas such as hurricanes and fire zones.
  • Your email data is often backed up on the cloud servers and remains for a specific period, and a copy of your data stays with the Cloud Email provider, which is helpful in case any data is deleted from your end.

Advantages of On-Prem:

  • You have to make a one-time investment on servers which will be a one-time capital and operational cost.
  • It can be cheaper after the initial setup investment in servers.
  • It allows full control of the servers and environment.
  • Your email account can't be abruptly suspended.
  • You need an in-house IT person to monitor the email servers 24/7 hence maintenance lies in your hand and you need not depend on any other.
  • You can take backups according to your requirements anytime, and this is helpful in case you need to maintain certain compliances according to Government policies.

Collaboration features that Zimbra offers

  • Connect users to their clouds with a smarter mailbox that integrates email, tasks, address book, calendar, files, and enterprise applications.
  • Stay connected anywhere on any smartphone or other device with IMAP/POP, CalDAV, and CarDAV.
  • Work online or offline with Zimbra Desktop or clients such as Microsoft Outlook using IMAP/POP, CalDAV, and CarDAV.
  • Integrate with external directories for authentication, address lists, and provisioning.
  • Synchronization to iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows, and Android-based smartphones and tablets, using IMAP/POP, CalDAV, and CarDAV.
  • Rich browser-based experience for Zimbra email, contacts, calendar, and files on any XHTML-capable device.

Why should you prefer Zimbra Opensource?

There are a number of reasons why someone might prefer to use the Zimbra open-source email server over another email server. One reason might be that Zimbra is more secure than some other email servers. Zimbra also has a number of features that make it more user-friendly, such as the ability to add multiple signatures and to set up auto-responders. Additionally, Zimbra is available in a number of languages, making it a good choice for those who are not comfortable using English as their primary language.

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