At Tetra, we take pride in our commitment to open-source solutions and support services. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a "Large Certifying Authority" and provide them with comprehensive support in building a cutting-edge digital infrastructure that would underpin their business-critical applications. Our mission: is to ensure seamless operations, 24/7 support, and maximum efficiency.

The Certifying Authority Project: A Glimpse into Excellence

The project revolved around crafting a highly available and scalable web infrastructure for hosting web applications, a vital need for organizations demanding reliability, minimal downtime, and efficient resource utilization. The Tetra team leveraged its expertise to transform this vision into reality, relying on a combination of technologies and meticulous steps.

  • Ovirt Virtualization Manager: We began by implementing the Ovirt Virtualization Manager, a critical component of the project. This robust virtualization platform provided the foundation for managing the digital infrastructure. With a total of 80 virtual machines distributed across two physical servers, the Tetra team ensured the highest standards of performance and reliability.
  • LAMP Stack Configuration: The heart of this digital infrastructure was the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack configuration. We meticulously fine-tuned this setup to guarantee a seamless and responsive environment for hosting web applications. With our LAMP expertise, web services have become faster and more reliable than ever.
  • Master-to-Master Replication: Master-to-master replication was an essential part of this project, ensuring data integrity and redundancy. This feature guaranteed that data was consistently available, eliminating any concerns about data loss or downtime.
  • HAproxy as a Load Balancer: To ensure optimal resource utilization and minimal downtime, Tetra implemented HAproxy as a load balancer. This technology allowed for the efficient distribution of web traffic, preventing bottlenecks and maintaining a smooth user experience.
  • Enhancing Resilience through Disaster Recovery: In our commitment to fortify the Certifying Authority's digital infrastructure, Tetra went a step further by establishing a Disaster Recovery Site on a separate data centre. This strategic move ensures business continuity with a remarkable Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of just 2 hours. By implementing this robust disaster recovery plan, Tetra has elevated the Certifying Authority's preparedness for unforeseen events, providing a safety net that minimizes downtime and data loss.
  • Snapshotting Success for Data Integrity: Acknowledging the paramount importance of data integrity, Tetra implemented a comprehensive snapshot and backup strategy. Regular snapshots and backups serve as a fail-safe mechanism, offering a point-in-time recovery option. This meticulous approach guarantees that the Certifying Authority's critical data remains secure, allowing for quick restoration in the event of any unforeseen challenges.
  • Empowering Flexibility with a Self-Deployed Cloud Platform: In our pursuit of innovation and adaptability, Tetra introduced a self-deployed cloud platform to the Certifying Authority's digital arsenal. This cutting-edge platform not only enhances scalability but also empowers the organization with greater control over resources. The self-deployed cloud platform ensures efficient resource allocation, optimizing costs while maintaining the agility required to meet evolving business demands.
  • Thorough Testing Environments: Recognizing the significance of thorough testing, Tetra meticulously set up Pre-Production (Pre Prod), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Production environments. Each stage is a testament to our commitment to delivering flawless solutions. Pre-prod and UAT environments are testing grounds for new features and updates, ensuring seamless transitions to the production environment. This approach guarantees a smooth, error-free experience for end-users.

Tetra's Unparalleled Support

Beyond the technological components, Tetra provided the Certifying Authority with dedicated support in key areas:

  • Issues Faced in the Web Servers: Our team quickly resolved any issues faced in the web servers, ensuring that the web applications remained operational without interruption.
  • Database Replication: Database replication was a crucial aspect of the project, and we meticulously managed this component to prevent data loss and maintain consistency.
  • Vulnerability Issues in VMs: The security and integrity of virtual machines are paramount, and Tetra addressed and resolved any vulnerability issues that arose, safeguarding digital assets.
  • A High Availability Ecosystem: The entire infrastructure was meticulously designed with high availability in mind, leveraging HA Proxy for load balancing and employing Master-to-Master replications. This approach guarantees that the digital services remain operational even in the face of potential challenges.

At Tetra, we understand the importance of delivering not just a project but an enduring partnership. We're proud to have played a pivotal role in fortifying the Certifying Authority's digital infrastructure, ensuring their business-critical applications run smoothly.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Certifying Authority for entrusting us with this project, and we look forward to supporting their continued success. Our commitment to open-source solutions and unwavering customer support remains the cornerstone of our service, and we are ready to take on new challenges to help your organization thrive.

Are you ready to elevate your digital infrastructure? Reach out to Tetra today, and let us help you build a more resilient and efficient digital future.